Advantages and Benefits


We pride ourselves on creating a safe and secure environment in a world filled with uncertainty. Living in a post 9/11 world has added several new complications to our everyday lives. Ironclad K9 Group offers services that provide effective solutions to potential threats. We offer our clients non-intrusive K9 services that are 100% confidential. These methods provide a deterrent to any unlawful activity.

Our commitment to our clients is a professional experience focused on restoring peace of mind.

• The only cost is the rate of service
• 24/7 response if needed
• No annual K-9 recertification cost
• No Handler Salary/benefits
• No Vehicle cost & Maintenance
• No K-9 Maintenance cost and equipment

Benefits of Utilizing a K-9 Detection Team

• The most effective and efficient detection method for drug search
• A proven deterrent for employees or students from acquiring drugs
• Cost effective way than hiring additional security
• Canines are capable of detecting scents without lockers and cabinets being opened
• 100% confidential
• Special tailored services offered to fit the clients needs

Your company

• Warehouses
• Classrooms
• Students lockers
• Administration and Faculty Offices
• Storage Rooms
• Student and employee parking lots
• Company Vehicles and equipment
• Sporting events
• Job sites
• School buses


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U.S. Department of Justice - Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Licensed

Certified by the State of Connecticut as a controlled substance laboratory

We Are Military Veterans Owned and Operated

K9 Training Facility located:

Burlington CT 06013